Farm Tours: Keeping the Conversation Fresh

Learn ways to show off your farm's brand and plan logistics during your next farm tour. More...  More»

What Are Essential Oils?

You may have heard of essential oils, but what exactly are they? Essential oils are volatile, aromatic oils from plants. From rituals to medicine, these oils have been used for a variety of reasons throughout history. Now, people typically use these oils for fragrance, flavoring and even health and beauty purposes. Where Do Essential Oils Come From? Essential oils are derived from aromatic plant material, usually by  More»

Youth and Video Games

From instant messaging classmates to researching on the Internet, today’s youth are increasingly using electronic media for many different purposes. Youth also use electronics recreationally through activities such as downloading music and playing video games (the latter being popular among children of all ages—especially boys). Although children today are more media literate than their parents, this increased electronic-media consumption  More»

Herbs for Fall

Herbs are grown for their special flavors and aromas, and they can add seasoning and taste to food. Fall is ideal for planting a variety of common herbs. Growing Herbs at Home Most of the common herbs can be grown seasonally in Florida for home use. In South Florida, many herbs may be grown in the home garden throughout the year. Herbs are perfect for container gardening, since they are small and used in small portions for cooking. You  More»

Making a “Green” Workspace

Whether you work from home or in an office, these tips can help you create a “green” workspace for better health, mood and productivity—and a cleaner environment. Air Quality and Indoor Health Indoor Plants NASA studies have shown certain plants clean indoor air by removing VOCs, formaldehyde, and benzene and lowering CO2 levels. Plants in the workplace are also shown to decrease stress, improve  More»

Food Safety: Grilling

Grilling adds a fun element to picnics and tailgating. Follow these steps to make sure the meats you serve are safe to eat. Preparing Shopping At the grocery store, pick up meat and poultry last. To prevent cross-contamination, separate these items from other food in your shopping cart and grocery bags. Refrigerate perishable food within two hours, or one hour if the temperature is above 90°F. Place meats in the refrigerator immediately.  More»